Google AdSense Secrets




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Not just about the placement, It’s the Theme!

Right! It’s not just about the placement, It’s the Theme! Wondering why your ads are still not performing? Bro! It’s not just the placement bu the Theme. 

First, when setting up a blog or site, one should consider first the theme. If your site is made for AdSense then you don’t need a corporate looking theme but just a plain Google AdSense friendly theme will do.

Just a tip, do away with a Theme that shows your pages, instead look for Wordpress themes, if your using Wordpress, that does not show pages. Anyway, you won’t be needing those pages, and fact is, “pages” replaced with Google AdSense link ads works best.

Hope this helps!!!

Google Adsense

AdSense for content Display targeted Google ads on your website’s content pages and earngoogle adsense from valid clicks or impressions.

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